For a long time, I worked and played from the point of view that to get ahead in anything in life, you have to beat someone else at the game. And, while I achieved a lot of success with that strategy it became tiring and left me unfulfilled.

However, over the past 25+ years I've been working professionally and studying various business and marketing masters, I've come to realize that giving away some of my valuable ideas to empower those around me has improved my outlook on life, expanded and enhanced my relationships and has improved my economic state of affairs.

As a marketing consultant, it took me a while to figure this out and I owe many thanks to the help I received from various online mentors such as Tom Peters and Seth Godin and many more.

For example, A free seminar  (which took me 41 hours to create and 2 hours to give) I gave to a local university here in Pittsburgh years ago is still paying dividends in terms networking, referrals and related income.

A free web site, Blog and email marketing system I created for an Irish fraternal organization a few years ago has again increased my network of good friends and associates and delivered directly and indirectly nearly six figures in income. Plus, it helped me improve my team's and my skill set and satisfied several personal goals of paying things forward. 

Giving away my good stuff has:

  • enabled me to expand my reach of people, places, industries and influence
  • helped me to keep a viral floe of good karma going at a good rate of speed
  • quickly proved to my prospects and clients that I can deliver on my promises and more

Please understand that from time to time I do hesitate to give away my good stuff, because I make a living by selling ideas and the selfish side of me worries about someone not paying me or stealing my ideas.

Make giving away your good stuff one of your own personal marketing strategies and then sit back and watch how you and your business will grow.