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Consider BrandMill as a keynote speaker for your next sales building conference.

New/Updated for 2018 – How to be the Marketing Rockstar in Your Neighborhood

New/Updated for 2018 – How to Price for Profit

New/Updated for 2018 – How a 10P Marketing Excellence Audit Will Profitably  Build Your Brand

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BrandMill is an award-winning Pittsburgh-based marketing agency  that builds profitable brands by helping them to create, uncover and exploit their unique value propositions and enabling them to spend far less advertising dollars or practically none at all.

Audiences served include:  American Marketing Association, Bridgeway CapitalClarion University’s SBDC, Duquesne University’s SBDC, First Night InternationalPassenger Vessel AssociationPenn State University’s SBDC, Pennsylvania Association of Chamber Executives, Pennsylvania Lodging and Restaurant Association, Pennsylvania Lodging and Restaurant Association – Western Chapter, The Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence – University of Pittsburgh and more! 

BrandMill can customize any seminar and workshop for your own team or you can attend general group session. Please email BrandMill Managing Partner Stephen Wayhart or call him at 412.401.0555 to discuss your level of interest, find out more information about each session and planned dates and location.

Please note: Our next marketing workshop will be held at the Clarion University Small Business Development Center – 10 Ways to Transform Your Business Into a Sales Building Machine – on Friday, October 27, 2017 from 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.  Click here for a printable program overview PDF, to register now and/or for directions. Hope to see you there! And, If you’re in need of some special strategic help to build a profit building marketing plan for 2018 and are planning for it now. We have a a few openings remaining to conduct a comprehensive Marketing Excellence Audit for select brands before the end of the 2017 and early 2018 to help you have a banner year!

Please email BrandMill Managing Partner Stephen Wayhart or call him at 412.401.0555 for more details.

BrandMill's Stephen Wayhart - Keynote Presentation - Pricing for Profit - Before 100+ Passenger Vessel Association Members

BrandMill’s Stephen Wayhart – Keynote Presentation – Pricing for Profit – Before 100+ Passenger Vessel Association Members

For-profit and not-for-profit marketers attending a seminar, workshop or keynote address are always looking for better ways to build their brand, drive sales and traffic and hold on to profitable customers. Sure, you want to hear things like, “best speaker I ever heard!” Or, “great, real-world information that made me think and impacted my thinking.” After a BrandMill seminar attendees will say similar things, but more importantly they’ll say, “This is information I can use tomorrow morning “I can’t wait to get started!”

We provide answers, inform, challenge and entertain brand marketers in any industry. Our customized seminars and workshops (new ones listed above and standards listed below) focus on “inside-the-box” and “outside-of-the-box” marketing operating systems and action oriented ideas that can be immediately implemented. Attendees will walk away with a clear understanding of the steps they need to take to achieve success and will say, “I better get to work!”

In these tough times, you need to focus on the basics. You’re challenged to keep your existing customers happy, grow the business, increase revenue and profitability while reducing overhead and expense. This is the time when strong marketing shines. And, there is no one better at training your sales and marketing people or reminding your customers about the value that you provide than our BrandMill team. We have spoken to companies and associations on these very subjects and are available to do it for you.

If you need someone to help inspire and educate your team to help you build a stronger brand and profitably build sales difference, you need a BrandMill seminar and will love it!

8 More Brand Building Seminars

The following is a list of additional BrandMill seminars and workshops. We will customize anything upon request to fit the specific needs of your organization. If you would like us to develop a presentation on a particular topic not included here, we will be happy to do so.

Seminar Leader

For over 30 years, Steve Wayhart has built a reputation as a strategic marketing campaign maker from his early Agency days with General Motors’ Cadillac and Oldsmobile Dealer Marketing Groups to the client side with McDonald’s Corporation and Sprint PCS. As a Senior Marketing Executive for high-tech brands, he helped launch Sprint PCS and it’s “Wireless Web” service and FastForward, a Marketing Automation software provider for brand leaders such as Hitachi, Imation, Microsoft Xbox, and Philips Electronics.

As principal of BrandMill, Stephen has consulted with a variety of businesses such as Allegheny Energy Solutions, Baja Fresh Mexican Grill, Ford Motor Company, Innovation Works, MARC USA, Vocelli Pizza (Pizza Outlet), Sprint and True Value Hardware.

Stephen has been involved with the creation and execution 250+ marketing plans and has worked with nearly all of the Top 20 global advertising agencies. Major accomplishments include: being the youngest Senior Marketing Manager in McDonald’s history; a McDonald’s Presidential Award Nominee; organizing the “25th Anniversary of the Big Mac” McDonald’s most successful publicity event ever; developing an international award winning menu, creating the initial marketing plan that launched “The Club” and launching the first Cadillac “Super Marketing Group,” the Empire State Cadillac Dealer’s Association.

A true strategic brand marketing campaign maker, Stephen has built his BrandMill vision based upon his experience in start-up ventures (including two IPOs), leading co-ops and agencies, segmented marketing to adult, senior, tween, teen, kid and ethnic consumer audiences, product mix and daypart marketing, sports marketing, sales promotion, new products, neighborhood marketing, media, research, fundraising, public/media relations and crisis management.

He has and continues to serve as a Board Member and Marketing Advisor for several non-profit organizations. He received a BBA in Marketing from Kent State University, and earned an MBA in Marketing and Management from Duquesne University.

If you want to know more about the various speech, seminar and facilitation programs BrandMill delivers and how we can customize yours, contact Stephen Wayhart at stephen.wayhart@brandmill.com for more information.

How to Create BrandBuzz©

Why do some brands succeed without spending large sums of money on advertising, loyalty programs? It is the word-of-mouth effect – BrandBuzz – the viral transfer of information through social networks.

Our BrandBuzz seminar will define this important and powerful promotional tool, clarify the concept of buzz and show how marketers can create and leverage it for the brand success. This dynamic presentation uses real-world examples and shows how marketers can create authentic buzz to which today’s cynical consumer relates.

Inside-the-Box Brand Building©

This seminar will help your audience discover untapped, cost-effective and powerful marketing opportunities inside your “BrandBox.” We demonstrate free or low cost ways to build your brand by exercising more creative control and flawless execution of marketing opportunities available to you. Many brands waste a lot of money and time executing costly advertising campaigns that are doomed to fail because they didn’t take the time to think about and bullet-proof their “BrandBox.” We’ll show you how to “play the hand that was dealt you” and profitably and quickly increase sales.

Outside-of-the-Box Brand Building©

We will energize your audience’s enthusiasm with action-oriented ideas for building business at the local, regional, national or global level. We will deliver valuable insight to stimulate marketing action among all attendees. Your audience will discover the power of strategic neighborhood marketing – no matter ho big their neighborhood is – and how it can profitably increase sales and drive favorable brand awareness. To become a strong local, regional or national brand you need take care of business on a customer by customer, block by block, store by store basis. Our BrandMill team will show you how to profitably do it!

How to Profitably Put AMOS© On the Payroll

Through AMOS©, or an Automatic Marketing Operating System we will show you how you can master the art of promoting your business with our systematic strategies and tactics. We will provide you a blueprint to transform the way you market your business with a short and long-term new business marketing plan. We have created and perfected a proven marketing operating system for successfully growing individual, multi-unit and franchise brands. Our turn-key marketing operating system model works to achieve results for any business or any brand. AMOS© will work for you if you’re independent professional, single unit retail store or a chain of restaurants, gas station, automobile dealership or repair shop, hotel etc.

How to Get Your Ad/PR Agency to Work for You

This presentation will help you build and nurture a strong, long-term relationship with your agency. We will provide a road map that you can use, with proven programs and thought-provoking tips to help you get the most value from your agency. With the scars to prove that we’ve worked on both the agency and client sides, we will deliver key insights to help your 1+1 relationship equal three!

How to Bring Your “A-Game” to Your “E-Game”

The rules of the marketing game for all industries have changed dramatically and technology has never mattered more. Faced with fickle consumers and intense competition, brands are looking to technology to improve marketing efficiency, strengthen customer relationships, reduce costs and achieve better insights. This seminar will help attendees be better prepared to optimize their own marketing initiatives through interactive channel integration and they will improve their marketing knowledge, skill set and effectiveness in delivering better integrated marketing campaigns and ideas for their brand. Key subjects to be covered include; the current interactive marketing landscape and the best practices that are driving big sales and customer loyalty gains. Emerging trends are explored, however the bulk of the seminar is focused on action-oriented ideas and strategies that attendees can immediately deploy.


Most brands employ creative people, but they typically lack an effective system for extracting ideas and packaging them in a way that is orderly and actionable. BrandStorm© provides a format for moving from idea generation to idea assessment and prioritization. BrandStorm© is designed to stimulate creative thoughts and to pull ideas from all attendees. Most sessions are held off-site, in a casual setting that encourages free-thinking and eliminates disruptions. The session begins with a review of the stated objectives, and a discussion of all relevant background data. And, unique group activities are used to draw out big ideas – strategies such as Disney’s famous storyboarding techniques.

BrandStorm© results in actionable idea generation for a variety of applications, including:

Strategic Planning Product Development
Positioning Strategy Promotion Development
Brand, Product or Service Naming Maximizing Sponsorship Opportunities


We developed BrandCamp© in response to client requests for a more intensive training and seminar program focusing on brand marketing communications strategies, techniques and professional development. BrandCamp© is modular and can be tailored to suit your particular specifications. For example, we can easily customize a half-day, full-day or multi-day schedule based upon your needs, time availability and budget. BrandCamp© is completely turnkey…we’ll handle all of the details. Simply choose from the following topics:

How to Create BrandBuzz© Inside-the-Box Brand Building©
Outside-of-the-Box Brand Building© How to Profitably Put AMOS© On the Payroll
How to Get Your Ad/PR Agency to Work for You How to Bring Your “A-Game” to Your “E-Game”©

In addition to leading the session, we’ll work with you to prepare a customized agenda, arrange the facilities and supervise the logistics. Many of the BrandCamp© modules come with supplementary materials, such as handouts, books, videos and audio cassettes (supplemental materials are subject to availability).