We pride ourselves in having the ability to come up with unique brand building ideas to help our clients achieve their goals on time and on budget. And, video marketing is a key building block is all of our recommended marketing plans.

Forrester Research reports that your brand is 50x more likely to appear on page one of Google’s search results if you have video on your Website. One of the main reasons this occurs is because Google owns YouTube and gives preferential treatment to its content. YouTube/Google recommends that brands show more and tell less and desires compelling video content.

Search engines will index properly tagged videos very well, and often include an attention- grabbing thumbnail pane in the search results page. In addition, by 2019, 80% of the world’s internet traffic (85% U.S.) will be video and with a carefully crafted and executed video strategy framed around ECOP’s emotional appeal we know our efforts will work.

Here are a variety of 30+ ways (some may not apply) in which video can utilized through your customer journey/engagement funnel:

Top of Engagement Funnel

360 degree experiences, animations, brand films/television commercials, educationals, explainers/tutorials, video documentaries.

Mid Engagement Funnel

Company culture, new news, video emails, PSAs, testimonials.

Bottom of Engagement Funnel

Demos/instructionals, FAQs, personalized efforts.

Within & Beyond Engagement Funnel

Animations, culture interview, events, historicals, launch series before sales, photo montages, presentations, product reviews, promotional/limited-time offers, sales video/pages, recorded demo screencasts, sizzle reels, talking head/s, testimonials, thank you’s, tutorials, video PowerPoints/presentations, virtual tours, Vlogs, webinar/live casts.