BrandMill is perhaps best described as a problem solving company, helping clients find solutions to their immediate problems, as well as to long-term, evolutionary market opportunities via a wide variety of marketing strategies and tactics.

We Profitably Build Brands

The most valuable commodity of the day isn’t money…it’s time. Responding quickly to solve our client’s problems is a top priority. We’re not paid to create problems – we’re paid to solve them with efficient and effective solutions. Our style is intense, passionate and enthusiastic. No frills. No excesses.

We understand that your money and time are precious resources. In all engagements, we stress actionability and accountability and seek to maximize sales impact with minimal waste. We treat your business like our own, since the only way we can measure our success is by how successfully we’re building your business.

Our simple 7-step approach is to:

1. Follow a case study approach to solving a brand’s central problem
2. Create fast fail tests to achieve quick wins
3. Strive to achieve flawless execution of the plan
4. Keep marketing, selling/shipping/performing and exploiting big ideas
5. Bulletproof the plan by integrating high tech and high touch communications
6. Systematize the marketing process
7. Rinse and repeat

Virtual marketing engagement teams are built around the particular needs of each client and create high quality, cost effective solutions because these customized cluster teams include the most appropriate and talented resources available. Due to our relationships with an exhaustive list of implementation partners and industry specialists, we are able to offer an extensive menu of marketing services, from research and analysis to strategic planning to execution.

We Solve Problems with Proven Marketing Systems

No two situations are exactly alike, however a bulk of challenges we encounter can be solved following a turn-key, automatic marketing system that can be flawlessly executed by any brand in any industry. Our systematic, automatic marketing approach allows creativity and communication to flow more freely and flawless execution is virtually guaranteed.

BrandMill’s virtual agency structure ensures that the right team of talent is working on your business at any given time and will deliver a cost-effective investment for you on time and on budget with results. Our brand marketing and communications solutions are always “right on!” That is, right on strategy, right on time and right on budget to drive your sales and profits onward and upward!

BrandMill is a strategic marketing consulting firm, providing integrated marketing communications services for a variety of industries. Due to our virtual business model we’re recognized for our expert zealous approach to profitably building a brand’s sales, the quality of our service, the actionability of our recommendations, and our commitment to leading-edge marketing technology.

Our primary marketing communications and coaching services include:

Advertising, Brand Marketing Public, Media and Crisis Relations
Social Media (Twitter, Facebook) Direct Marketing & Sales Promotion
Web Marketing (eMail, Blogs) Marketing Seminars and Workshops

We will pinpoint every branding challenge and sales opportunity to develop a results-driven, Automatic Marketing Operating System for you. AMOS© will deliver a powerfully integrated, cost-effective marketing plan to help you:

Profitably attract new customers Build customer loyalty
Retain your best customers Boost average sales
Increase visit frequency Drive favorable brand awareness
Improve profitability Motivate staff

Core services provided in AMOS© include:

Marketing Audit Customer/Trading Area Survey
Marketing Research Marketing Organization Design
Database Marketing Marketing Communications Plan
Strategic Planning Creative Execution and Fulfillment

No matter what your business or industry, BrandMill can help you profitably increase your sales and customer loyalty with our Automatic Marketing Operating Systems.

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