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Public Relations

SprintStephen Wayhart and BrandMill have been an invaluable strategic partner for Sprint and has delivered outstanding results. They provide excellent strategic public relations counsel and were instrumental in helping build Sprint’s reputation as the wireless industry’s leading technology in Pittsburgh.” Mark J. Elliott, Former Senior Public Relations Manager

True Value Hardware Marketing Workshop

MARC USA“Stephen Wayhart and BrandMill were called upon to lead a True Value Marketing workshop that took national plans and showed managers how to implement sales building up from the grass roots store level.. They brought their “A” game to the project and delivered a fast, fun and extremely informative and well received seminar. Their expertise, interesting information and strong communication skills create a compelling presentation.”
                          – George Garber, Former EVP, Marketing

Samsung New Product Launch

MARC USA“Working with our team on a new product launch for Samsung, Stephen Wayhart and BrandMill proved to be a great addition by taking many initial ideas, and stretching and extending them to be more relevant and easy to use by both the target audience and the retailers selling to the target. They have that rare combination of both quick insight and broad vision. They know by both experience and instinct how to bring big ideas into reality and  create sales results. They look for ways to stretch and extend the box by stretching and extending existing good fundamental thinking and turning this thinking into larger business driving concepts.” – George Garber, Former EVP, Marketing

Interactive Marketing Seminars & Workshops

MARC USA“BrandMill has played a crucial role in helping to advance MARC’s strategic charge to grow our interactive offering through our retail client base and our goal of achieving integrated marketing excellence – particularly in the area of interactive marketing. BrandMill’s interactive seminars provided MARC with an advanced level of understanding in terms of how the Web can and, is playing an increasingly crucial role in not only establishing brand identity, but also driving product sales and building customer loyalty. Their keen knowledge on how to best leverage and adapt brand strategies for the internet has helped MARC to develop more effective interactive marketing strategies for our clients.
– George Garber, Former EVP, Marketing

MARC USATheir knowledge, integrity and collaborative work style was extremely beneficial to MARC and our clients during critical communication planning phases and have become a trusted and valuable resource.” – Patrick Ward, Former Relationship Marketing Manager


Duquesne“I was the moderator for a session at Duquesne University’s Entrepreneur Conference sponsored by the Small Business Development Center. Stephen Wayhart was one of the invited speakers for the session. I have known Steve through various organizations for many years. When I heard he was one of our selected participants, I was most excited. I expected him to be a good speaker. But, I found him to be not only a great speaker – but he was an exceptional speaker. I have attended hundreds of such presentations over the years, and I must say, Steve was the best I have heard – by far. I didn’t want him to stop speaking. As the moderator, it was my responsibility to wind down the session, but I would have preferred for Steve to continue for another thirty minutes or more, and I know the audience felt the same way. I have been teaching marketing for twenty years and I found myself taking notes; he taught me many new ideas. Many people in the audience approached me after the session to thank me for bringing in such a remarkable presenter. They told me that they felt they got their money’s worth for this full day workshop at this one session by listening to Steve. I know the director of our SBCD, Mary McKinney, very well. When I saw her at the reception that afternoon, I recommended that next year we offer Steve Wayhart a full session of his own or even ask him to be our keynote speaker. Steve should have the opportunity to share his wealth of knowledge and experience to the many entrepreneurs. His experiences were incredible. He has a gift for sharing his expertise with an audience that keeps the listeners on the edge of their seat. He has a passion and an energy that gets the audience fired up. His style is as thrilling as riding a roller coaster – information packed and spiced with fabulous stories. He made me proud and excited to be a marketer!” – Dr. Audrey Guskey, Associate Professor of  Marketing

Robert Morris“Thank you so much for serving as the guest expert for our FastTrac class. You were terrific! As adult learners and veterans, the participants are very interested in hearing from someone who has done and is doing marketing and branding in the real world. They have read the material but you provided concrete examples for nearly all of the topics in their books.I would say that you are one of the better, more engaging speakers we have had in this program. I hope it was as much fun for you as it was for me.”
– Bill Ringle, FastTrac Class Leader

Carnegie Mellon“I just wanted to take the time to thank you once again for your presentation yesterday for our fraternity. The fresh and unique approach to work and life that you expressed as well as your deep marketing industry knowledge was beneficial to all those present.The fraternity and I greatly appreciate your time and effort and enjoyed the experience immensely. I hope that we can continue your presentations and presence here on campus.” – Patrick Cao, Carnegie Mellon University’s Alpha Kappa Psi President

“As a new business owner, I have been trying to learn as much as possible about how I can best get my name, product benefits, and message to the consumer. The information provided in this seminar has given me a good foundational understanding of the various social media options available and to incorporate one or more of them into an effective marketing strategy.I would highly recommend this seminar to any entrepreneur, whether seasoned or just starting out, who is looking to grow their bottom line and to stay abreast of the ever-changing electronic marketing media.” – Bill Renwick, NextGen Environmental Solutions