Tom Brady has a coach. Roger Federer has one too.

So did Michael, Kobe and Shaq and a whole lot more!

Why don’t you?

Sports coaches lead, teach, train, motivate, inspire and push their players to reach their full potential. They support their players when they’re tired and teach them unique strategies and plays to outperform their competitors. They carefully listen to their players and observe their performance to determine strengths to bulletproof and weaknesses to shore up.  They clearly and consistently tell their players the truth even if it hurts. And, they help them focus in a laser-like fashion on the little and big things they need to do to accomplish their goals and win.

BrandMill Marketing Coaches do the very same thing for small to medium sized businesses (SMEs). We will support you, encourage you and lead you in your branding and marketing communications efforts.

We can certainly do the fishing for you too (see Marketing Services tab), however we find that many clients have capable staff and would like us to simply show them how to fish better! That’s why we offer customized Marketing Coaching Services.

In today’s tough economic times and with the explosion of communications channels SMEs find it increasingly hard to keep up with all of the changes and new innovations in marketing. BrandMill provides the leadership and safe harbor SMEs need to clearly focus on ways to profitably build their business and stay ahead of the marketing curve.

The world of business and marketing is more complex, competitive and moves faster than ever! That’s why you need a coach to help you outmaneuver, outrun and outsell your competition. Your staff has so much to do already, plus are they really keeping pace? Do they really have the skills to help you strategically?

You need a coach – a BrandMill Marketing Coach to show you how to profitably build your brand through a unique systems based approach that’s easy to repeat, teach and follow and one that will build you business and give you more time to focus on other areas of your business or simply relax, enjoy your life and sleep well.

Coaching fees range from $500 to $5,000 per month depending on the size and needs of clients. All clients are asked to agree to a minimum six month engagement, however a minimum 12 month engagement is recommended (3 month engagements may negotiated for special circumstances) to more fully appreciate and benefit from BrandMill’s marketing expertise and to …to demonstrate client commitment to profitably build their business.

We offer the following four types of Marketing Coaching Services:

Marketing Coaching for Individual Brands. Retain a BrandMill Marketing Coach to work with you on your business one on one to create and implement a marketing system for your Brand. We will work with you and your team to create customized marketing communication action plan and budget. We will provide guidance throughout the entire implementation process, help you stay focused and on track and course correct along the way.

The key areas of our marketing focus for all four Marketing Coaching services (1 to 1, Groups, Workshops/Seminars, Virtual/Distance) to profitably build your business consist of, but are not limited to: Branding, Marketing and Advertising; Public Relations and Social Media Marketing, Business Development Systems for customer acquisition and retention; Team Building and Recruitment; Time Management, Customer Service and more.

Marketing Coaching for Groups. Our Marketing Coaching Services for groups of up to 10 non-competitive SMEs are delivered via a combination of in person, phone consulting and Webinar bi-monthly sessions along with feedback on submitted materials. In addition, there are special separate tracks available for start-up entrepreneurs, established businesses and for entrepreneurs in specific vertical industries (e.g., restaurants, hospitality etc.,)

Marketing Coaching via Workshops/Seminars. Our Marketing Coaching Services via workshops and seminars are for an unlimited number of SMEs and delivered via a combination of in person Marketing Workshops, Seminars and Webinars.

Virtual Marketing Coaching. BrandMill also provides Marketing Coaching sessions strictly through one on one phone meetings and Webinars for Brands throughout the world and who cannot afford the time or money to be coached in person. We provide with feedback on client’s marketing materials to guide SMEs through the creation and implementation of their own customized marketing system.

For more information, contact BrandMill Managing Partner, Stephen Wayhart, 412.401.0555.