uso-operation-care-packageI’ve posted several times about the benefits of cause related marketing and the fact that far beyond good business sense, it simply makes good sense to try to leave the world a bit better off because you have lived.

It’s great to support charitable causes that tie-in with your brand and in the communities in which you do business. However, it’s also great to add a two-prong strategy to not only support a local calling, but to answer a higher national calling as well.

A lot of my clients (especially hospitality and restaurant clients) supported veteran based initiatives this past week in honor of Veterans Day on November 11th.  If you thought about doing something similar, but couldn’t pull it together because of a lack of time, money or people power, it’s never too late.

If you’re looking for a great ways “how to” help nationally, consider supporting our hero veterans via the USO (United Service Organizations). I’d bet your clients and team members would embrace this effort too.

The USO lists several ways you can help support our troops such as:

  • Gillette’s Operation USO Phone Home® Program
  • NECCO’s “Red White and You”
  • GivAClick
  • MyBoneYard Recycling
  • E-Bay Mission Fish
  • Car Donations
  • United Through Reading® Military Program

A really cool way to easily involve your team members is through Operation USO Care Package where care packages are distributed to deploying service members. Care packages may include snacks, entertainment items, toiletries, sunscreen and other basic bare essential requested by troops. With a donation of $25 you can sponsor a USO care package and include a personal message of support and encouragement. To support Operation USO Care Package, click here.

And, to support the Ft. Hood Community click here.

This could be your Holiday gift to yourselves too!

Here’s a great example how the World Wrestling Entertainment supports our troops and veterans causes.

The WWE approaches their veteran marketing support efforts the right way in that it’s part of their Brand DNA and not just “another program” or “promotion.”

P.S.: You got to love the USO’s tagline – mission statement – “Until Every One Comes Home.” Isn’t that the truth!

P.S.S.: The care package strategy could be a great tool for you to consider too. What about care packages to Children’s Hospital patients, retired homes, VFWs, American Legions, Freshmen in College from your local high school, elderly homes etc.,