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Don't Serve Pepsi-Cola

no_pepsiI never quite left the restaurant marketing industry, but over the past few 18 months, I’ve jumped back into it head first.  I’m loving every minute of it too.

I’m blessed to work with some great clients from first rate hospitality companies, to white table cloth power lunch places to traditional old school steak and chop houses.

Getting back up to speed in the industry has been fun and exhilarating and surprisingly not that hard.  With the Internet, it’s so easy to do research and one of the really cool Web sites I visit to get ideas is  Chow.Com.

I came across this video on Chow’s “Obsessives” Channel featuring John Nese the owner/operator of Galco’s Soda Pop Stop in LA. John offers about 500 pops all sourced by him from every corner of the world. He does such a great job of selling his merchandise because he offers pop he believes in and loves. And, you will too.

This 13 minute story is worth your time but, don’t watch it if you’re drinking a Pepsi or a Coke because you won’t enjoy what you’re drinking. If you sell “Pepsi-Cola like” products – that is, products like everyone else, John will motivate you to offer unique stuff that will make your customers smile and come back for more.

I’m amazed – you’ll be amazed – by how much he knows about his products (flavor profiles, sources, partners) and his industry (high fructose corn syrup vs. cane sugar, recycling etc.,) and how he uniquely caters to each of his customer’s unique niche/s.

Sure wish he was closer to Pittsburgh, because I’d be ordering from him all day long.

However, I do plan to place a few orders in the future. Check them out.

I love this guy!

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