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New Diamond Shreddies

shreddiesIt’s all a matter of perspective.

One person’s garage sale is another person’s treasure trove.

This campaign for Shreddies is from last year, but I just came across it again.  I love it.

The ads feature comparisons between Post Shreddies and it’s new Diamond Shreddies.

Check out this Assembly Line Ad:

After my laughter died down, I realized that for my 2010 marketing plans for my client’s brands – as well as my own – I need to go back to the drawing board again to see how we can fully exploit all the features and services we provide to all of our audiences. And, can we simply twist and turn a few things to shed new light on a different angle on our products and services to drive more sales? Can we shake things up a bit more, twist them, flip them upside down, turn things around 180 degrees – or maybe just 45 degrees?  How about a little nip and tuck or maybe an entire facelift?

You should consider doing the same – we all should – because business as usual is not going to build your or my business – those days are long gone!

Check out this hilarious focus group commercial:

Here’s a link to Post’s Shreddies Web site:

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