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Email PopularityMost of the seminars and workshops I’ve given over the past year have dealt with improving Brand’s Social Media Smarts. Many in my audience tend to gasp, yawn or say, “get on with it” when I open with the fact they they need to get better at executing email marketing.
We marketers are always hell-bent on the next “new-new thingy” (e.g., strategy and/or tactic) instead of slowing down just a bit to make certain we’re striving for flawless execution on the prior “new-new thingies” we’ve somewhat abandoned to make way for the new “new-new-thingies!”
Email is still the “Mac Daddy” of online marketing when it comes to driving ROI – the Direct Marketing Association says it’s $45.06 vs. $1.00 – so, it makes financial and common sense to work harder on improving your email marketing excellence.
See this recent post to see how well your open and click through rates compare to your industry and list size averages.
Even though Social Media Marketing is all the rage and gaining ground, email still rocks!
None of these marketing tools are silver bullets – but they’re all big bullets and when you integrate them together, that’s where the magic is!
Sure, SMM will impact email marketing and other forms too, however it won’t kill it.

The MarketingSherpa (BIG FAN) chart above, shows one view of how email is used to share information – an activity central to social media sites. You can see how dominant Email still is when it comes to information sharing!

When you look at all forms of media over the past 50-100 years, you’ll see what Marketing Sherpa sees and that is, “a pattern of aggregation and adoption rather than replacement. Some media suffer in the exchange, but none are eliminated entirely. More commonly, their uses become more refined.”

I agree.  How do I know? Well, I’m 47 years old, I’m a Marketer (traditional and Social Media too) and I still enjoy my reading my newspaper in the morning and I love to listen to Mike & Mike on ESPN radio in the morning.

That’s right. I still read newspapers and listen to the radio and watch TV…don’t you?

P.S.: I use Twitter for writing telegrams – R.I.P Western Union.

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