the-golden-ruleThese days, people and brands that have Class are few and far between.  My take is that having Class can help you build an incredibly successful personal and professional brand for not a lot of time or money.

Here are 25 ways to be a classier brand.

  1. Be a nice, polite person/company
  2. Be genuinely interested in anyone you meet
  3. Be generous of your money and more importantly your time
  4. Seek to help people (especially to those who cannot help you or ever repay you) and be charitable without seeking recognition
  5. Have compassion without seeking personal gain
  6. Take ownership and responsibility for your actions, don’t point fingers or make excuses
  7. Select arguments carefully – walk away from 99% of all fights
  8. Surround yourself with nice quality people with impeccable character and integrity
  9. Listen more than you talk
  10. Watch your language
  11. If you’re a know-it-all keep it to yourself
  12. Don’t gossip and respect people in their absence
  13. Don’t be a braggart or celebrate due to someone else’s failure or loss
  14. Don’t insult others
  15. Don’t criticize and knock people down – build them up
  16. Don’t follow the crowd or feel pressured to fit in
  17. Respect people
  18. Respect yourself
  19. Be modest
  20. Treat victories the same as failures
  21. Recognize people who help you achieve success
  22. Live with elegance and grace
  23. Search for help, knowledge
  24. Be open to change to improve yourself
  25. Be considerate and respectful of everyone

25+. Honor your word and keep your promises.

25++.  Follow the Golden Rule which is the “do unto others” one.  Not the one that says, “He who has the Gold…Rules!”