Welcome Back Tiger

/Welcome Back Tiger

Welcome Back Tiger

Tiger Woods is back prowling the fairways and I'm as jacked as any golf fan!

Tiger epitomizes all that's great in the brand of sports and most certainly exposes what's bad about it – and what might be wrong for your business too.

This Wall Street Journal story states that according to Nielsen the average number of viewers who watched network broadcasts of
eight golf tournaments without Tiger dropped 47% vs. last year, when Mr. Woods when he was playing.

Do you have a Tiger Woods in your portfolio of stocks, clients etc.?

If so, you need to work on diversifying your portfolio or you could experience the same troubles the PGA endured last year.  The PGA might be in for more trouble this year as well even with Tiger on the loose because it is built on corporate sponsorships – lots of automobile ones – and it appears as though they won't be backing the Tour as much as in previous years especially if they're getting financial help from the government – check that – help from you and me!

Net – as much as I love Tiger, the PGA and your portfolio needs a few more Arnies and Jacks too!

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