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Measuring PR Success


This recent article from Bulldog Reporter discusses the ultimate impact of Public Relations.

Value varies, but most people prefer either "quality of completing objectives," and/or "delivery of key messages to target media." And, they should be meaningful, measurable and reasonable.

We’ve done our share of great PR campaigns, but know we can measure them better and need to do so in 2009. Several of the ideas the article mentions are great ones, but there is a cost involved that many SMEs simply cannot afford. 

As you move into a new calendar year, work with your client to come up with an agreeable goal that can be reasonably measured. You’ll both be much more happy with your relationship come year-end.

Start with free Google Alerts to track your success, work to create a balanced scorecard and dashboard too.

P.S.: Here’s a link to an exhaustive list of PR measurement sources.

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