Downturn Causes New Consumer Beliefs

/Downturn Causes New Consumer Beliefs

Downturn Causes New Consumer Beliefs

RecessionA new study from Cramer-Krasselt finds that consumer buying behaviors are shifting in new ways.

"This downturn is like no other in generations," the agency
notes in its study, "not because of its severity, but because it has given rise
to a new set of consumer beliefs." It isn’t just that people are frustrated (as
50% of the survey’s 500 respondents are), worried (48%) or annoyed (29%). And it
isn’t even that the sense of financial security is so weakened, although 61% of
the people polled feel less financially stable compared to a few years ago, and
only 26% of people feel very secure about their financial future.

A few new trends include:

  1. The simplicity movement. People are getting rid of stuf on eBay and Craigslist

  2. Locavorism

  3. Fewer people are saving money

Tap into these trends and work to help people make, save money and you can benefit from this downturn!

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