Firework_3Happy 4th of July everyone.

When you look around today, you see a ton of images and activities that add up to Brand America.

As I was thinking about Brand America for today’s post, I came across this Extreme makeover – America’s Image article from Jack Trout one of my marketing heroes.

As always, Jack makes some great points. I love his simple marketing concept for America – the lone superpower which is, "Go to the
world community with a program that offers more benefits, not one with
threats. The strategy is to have President George W. Bush
say to the world that we are shifting from self-vision to a new world
vision simply expressed as: ‘Helping the world to be a safer, freer and
more prosperous place.’ That’s what everyone wants, and we can help
deliver those benefits."

I agree with him and feel that the problem with America is not with its brand, but with its product – it needs to fix its product – make it better – and deliver on its promises.  However, it’s hard to do sometimes because strong brands need consistency and with Presidential terms of office a minimum of only four years, it makes it for tough brand building.