It took me nearly 25 years of my professional life to become an Apple convert and I’m never looking back. The DuoCore technology helped kick me over the fence along with seeing  some fantastic Keynote presentations too. 

However, their incredible service is what’s going to keep me married to them. From my first buying experience to my first service experience they hooked me.

Apple has boosted the number of concierges who greet and direct you with a simple greeting as
soon as you walk in the door, "How can I help you, and where would you like to go?"

Their Genius Bar staffed by smart folks who eat their own dog food – that is, they devour Apple products – is a strategic asset for they no doubt look upon problems as opportunities to serve brand loyalty. And, the way you can schedule an appointment is outstanding too. They’re clearly positioning their service as a marketing strategy and winning people over.

Study Apple’s simple service methods and find ways to apply them to your business and become the "Mac-Daddy" in your space!