Pizza_hutlarge The Pizza Wars are really heating up in the $37 billion industry as sales have slowed down. Back
on April 6th, Pizza Hut, the nation’s largest pizza chain started
delivering pasta — something no pizza chain does nationally
. Its new Tuscani Pastas are Creamy Chicken Alfredo
and Meaty Marinara.

The pasta prices are $11.95, the same as a large pizza
with one topping, and Pizza Hut says they’ll feed a family of six. The pastas
are baked in the pizza ovens and come with five breadsticks. And, they’re good!

Burger and Chicken chains have expanded their menus, but Pizza has been slow to innovate. Based on test market results, a Pizza Hut executive says Pasta could be 15% of Pizza Hut’s business within a
year – all incremental – without hurting pizza sales!

Pizza Hut wants to be a player in "home meal
replacement" and wants a big fat slice of
the $13.7 billion restaurant and take-out pasta business. Domino’s and Papa John’s have no intention to add pasta anytime soon, but I bet they will and I’ll bet Pizza Hut is successful. Just wait until the Super Bowl and March Madness roll around to firmly cement these new product offerings.

The commercial testimonials are real and true and are excellent.

Order a Pizza Hut Pasta tray for your office staff today and ask everyone:

  • Do we budget for innovation?
  • Why do we wait for sales to drop or stall before we innovate?
  • Why don’t we bake-in innovation and invest more in R&D?