Welcome_mat_for_web_5Do you know ho to make your email more welcoming? Kristina Knight has a few good common sense tips, but in short she says (and I agree) you should:

  • Make your note simple HTML
    and optimized
    so that if your reader has images turned off, her message will display correctly
  • Give the basics – thank them for coming on board, tell them how frequently you’ll be pinging them and offers they can expect
  • GIVE THEM SOMETHING – reward them in some way (coupon, free stuff/shipping, a download of a report etc.,) – it’s not all about YOU
  • Let them know about your Privacy ethics
  • Ask them to add your contact info to their favs and email contact lists too

Get started and finish yours now. Don’t take away from your cool HTML emails with a loser welcome email – close the loop!