My father died in 1999 and not a day passes by without me thinking of him – he was the best – a good man – and he was my best friend.

He might not be living, but he’s not dead to me.

He knew full well how much he meant to me and how much I loved him. I knew he loved me deeply too.

I was sad when he died, but not devastated because we had nothing left unsaid between us – we had no arguments – just pure love, joy and respect between us – he prepared me well.

When he was living, we talked often, we hugged often, we told each other we loved each other often – we were always connected.

We always knew where we stood together – for we always stood together in the light, in trust, in promise, in hope – in good times and not so good times.

Every day with my Dad was Father’s Day – a day of celebration – and I still celebrate him in many ways each and every day – in prayer, reflection, conversation and more.

If you’re not taking time to thank your Dad (living or in heaven) every day you’re missing a great opportunity to lift his spirit and yours by staying close, staying connected and being happy with your blessings.

It’s OK to have a process – once a day, week etc. – card, email, prayer etc. – just do it – and do it now and again and again. – make it a goal to ‘Have a Happy Father’s Day Every Day.’

This outlook and process is easily transferable to business as well.

For example, how often do you thank your clients, employees, partners, vendors in a meaningful way?

Do they know you care?

Do it now – put a process in place – keep it going – before it’s too late.

You don’t want to be ‘that guy/gal’ who says, if I only would have taken the time to…

Here’s a Father’s Day Gift for you.