OK, six months to go before we turn to a New Year.

It’s a great time to honestly evaluate where you are with your business, your health, wealth, and happiness.

So what’s your blueprint of success for the rest of the year?

Your new blueprint could quite possibly be the foundation of change you need to achieve great heights despite the obstacles – real or imagined – in your life.

I always find that six month plans and goals are exciting and exceptionally achievable.

Having 2 – 5 goals per area is manageable and it simple feels great to cross them off your list when you achieve them.

For me, I have 3 main fitness goals broken down into weeks, months, Q3 and Q4 – weight loss, activity level and general fitness goals – very measurable and easy to follow.

For business, I again have very measurable and achievable goals of income, profitability, niches, and products and service portfolios.

For wealth, specific goals for generating passive income, controlling taxes and expenses, building savings and more.

And for happiness, (well, for one thing if I’m achieving the above goals I will certainly be on my old happiness trail, but truly wealth and business aren’t the be and end all for me – however health is a mandatory), I’ve planned out specific fun and family times along with special moments, vacations, visits, calls and note writing.

Now, comes the fun part – the doing part – I’m still tightening up a few things, but am excited about what the rest of the year has in store for my family and me.

The times I haven’t taken the time to truly take stock of where I am in all phases of my life (usually monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually) and write down my plan and follow it, I wasted valuable time and achieved far less than what I could have achieved.

Now is your time!

Create a one page marketing plan of Brand You!

I suggest you take some time and do it for yourself and for your family. You will increase your odds of success if you truly focus on your goals, write them down, devise a plan for achieving them and get going.

We all have 24 hours in a day.  How you decide to spend them is always up to you.

Don’t blame the recession or who is the President or who is not the President.

You can take steps now to increase your odds of being an the impact player of your life and not be impacted by life.

Have a Happy New Rest of the Year!