Kerrygold-irish-butter-bloc If you’re one of the tens of thousands of people who visit Costco on weekends and like cheese as much as I do, check out this Web site from Kerrygoldread here about how their unique cheese and butter is made and I’ll bet you buy some.

Ireland’s Kerrygold beautifully positions their unique story about of how their country is made for cheese and butter…

The temperate, year-round weather and moisture-bearing southwesterly
winds create a smorgasbord for our cows who dine on rich, fertile grass
in the rolling, green pastures that dominate our countryside. We rely
on a cooperative of small dairy farmers with centuries of cheese-making
traditions to turn the rich, sweet milk that is produced into the
finest cheese and butter in the world.

In their “Benefits” section they simply state that:

There’s not much point in taking the purest rain, the most natural
green grass on earth, herds of contented cows, and centuries of
long-standing family traditions and messing it all up by mixing in
preservatives, hormones and unnatural additives into the process.

So we don’t. Ever.

Here is what you do get:

  • Cheese and butter made from grass fed (not grain fed) cows. That
    means a golden yellow hue from the presence of natural beta-carotene, a
    powerful antioxidant, and a higher concentration of Conjugated Linoleic
    Acid (that’s good).

When you finish reading through Kerrygold’s web site, ask yourself this question, “Is my brand story this compelling, honest and true?” Do you see a little “Green Marketing” at work here?

I’m sorry to say that I never thought about the benefits of grass fed cows vs. grain fed cows. However, today I’m a believer, raving fan and pro bono PR guy for Kerrygold and if you try their products you’ll be one too. I guarantee it.

P.S.: Try their Dubliner cheese and butter first and you’ll be hooked for life! And, you’ll agree that they deliver on their brand promise.