Have you seen this disgusting, stupid and terribly weak ad from Burger King?

Whoever approved this ad (from BK and Nickelodeon) should be fired and whatever Agency team produced this ad should be fired too – they’re an insult to my industry.

Of course, there have been a ton of complaints about the sexually offensive nature of the ad – especially since it ran during the NCAA Men’s Championship basketball game – and I agree, however it’s also so simply stupid. Setting the sexual nature of the ad aside, I’m offended as a marketer because the ad is so bad on so many levels and wasted such an enormous amount of money during a premiere sporting event.

Here’s a free idea BK, how about cleaning up your restaurants. They’re filthy just like your ads.

The corporate hacks at these irresponsible companies say that this ad was targeting adults…Oh, so no kids are watching a family show like a college basketball game – especially the biggest one of the year? Give me a break and stop insulting me.

Not to take anything away from my many good and talented friends at McDonald’s (in the efforts of true transparency, I’m a former McDonald’s marketing executive), with so-called competitors like BK they can fall out of bed and easily whip BK’s %$#!

You can talk to your financial advisor all you want, but trust me, buy McDonald’s stock and buy your kid a Happy Meal.  You’ll be very happy you did and you can thank me later.