I thought this post was appropriate due to this special day of Good Friday – a day of sacrifice by one man Jesus Christ who changed the world  – and one who has changed my world for the better.

With this video, I hope you're as uplifted as I am by the sacrifice of this man for his son – I'm sure he has changed the world for others as well. I hope you enjoy it and that it inspires you.

Here is more information about Team Hoyt. And a related interview from the Today Show.

FYI – Tangle is "a global technology company that creates social networking tools for the faith-based and family friendly marketplace. tangle is a place where all users including Individuals, Groups, Churches, Ministries and Bands, among others, can come to connect and share their faith and lives through videos, photos, blogs, prayers, music and more."

This site shows a great way how a brand such as Christianity is using the power of grassroots storytelling in a remarkably demonstrative, show and tell social media way. 
And, how marketing can help make the world a better place.
Excellent visuals, music, and remarkable story.

A remarkable story is the true essence of any successful brand.