Traditional Branding is Broken

/Traditional Branding is Broken

Traditional Branding is Broken

My clients and I didn't need to read this research to know that traditional branding is broken.

It's been broken for some time.

Marketing ROI scrutiny has been around for years, but it has truly come under a microscope during these tough economic times.

Instead of retrenching, you simply need to work a bit more harder and smarter and:

  1. Get management agreement on KPIs, then build your plan to achieve them
  2. Continue to innovate, look for profitable ways to improve sales through unique designs
  3. Create a consistent brand story telling approach across all channels
  4. Create a cohesive brand experience throughout across all of your channels
  5. Aggressively cut waste
  6. Build better offerings which will lead to building better USPs
  7. Integrate all channels and marketing efforts
  8. Think, create and do systems and synergize
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