7 Keys to Building Your Brand Message

/7 Keys to Building Your Brand Message

7 Keys to Building Your Brand Message

7Great ideas and messages have these seven common traits.

  1. They are Short. Brevity breeds clarity.
  2. They are Simple. Make it meaningfully clear and easy to understand, remember and pass along.
  3. They are Surprising. Generate interest, excitement and buzz.
  4. They are Strong. Make your message have teeth – something you can bite into and be solid.
  5. They are Sound. Is your claim credible, believable?
  6. They cause a Sensation. Does your message move people? Does it appeal to their emotions?
  7. They tell a Story. Can people quickly and effectively remember and ass along your unique story.

Does your idea or message have just a few or all seven?

If your message is holding all seven cards you've got a great hand!

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