I've been a big fan of Tom Peters for years and thought you'd welcome his advice for these tough times ….

  1. Excellence. Get on with doing the business you have and see it through brilliantly.
  2. Stick to the basics. Keep it simple! The devil is always in the details. 
  3. Opportunism. there may be a lot of room for it–will pay off through speed off the mark and excellence in execution. 
  4. Visibility. March toward the sound of the guns. MBWA. People have to see who they are working for and who they are dealing with. 
  5. Transparency. Be absolutely straight with people, especially those at the front line. People who play the blame game in any way, shape, or form are straight out of here!
  6. Demeanour. Banish “gloomy” from your persona, even if it kills you! But remember, “sunny” is pretty stupid, too. Who do you think you are kidding?
  7. Paradox. Have a Positive Mental Attitude AND be ready for the worst (this recession might easily go on for 24 months).

I'll add one – quickly, effectively and profitably deliver a true advantage!

Source: Tom Peters Company, 17th November 2008