I was pleased to read this Wall Street Journal article about how the National Hockey League is making a strong push marketing online and making it easier for fans to watch their games and interact with their favorite teams.

With the NHL getting killed on TV by other Pro sports like the NFL, it only makes sense for them to exploit the Internet and has introduced a
service (and lots more) that allows subscribers to watch nearly every game live on its Web

GameCenter Live, is a
way to serve its young, tech-savvy fans, many of whom don’t live in the hometown
of their favorite hockey team, and can’t catch its games on television.
Users to watch up to
four games at once or one game from several different camera

Read the article. It should give you ideas to use the Internet to beat your larger competitors.

Think about it. 

If you were to start a new business to compete against YOU, you’d strive to be the online category killer in your field.  Strive now.