I’ve admired Warren Buffet for many years and here’s a great clip of him speaking to an MBA class at the University of Florida (one of several  – enjoy them all).

He’s been in the media a lot in recent years by choice and it appears he does it more so out of love and concern for our country and others and as a way of giving something back.

And, his recent book, Snowball will be on my bookshelf and read by year-end.

Buffet’s brand is a successful one for many reasons such as his intelligence, and energy, but more importantly his INTEGRITY – great qualities to have in a successful brand.

Brand Integrity is so rarely provided, but so very much respected, admired and desperately needed.

Certainly you can tell he love’s what he does too.  Surely, you may think it’s because he’s so incredibly wealthy, but my bet is that he’s always loved what he’s done and he’s honest to the core.