I stumbled across this article that proclaimed ‘Social media not a ‘must’ for SMB marketers‘ and had to laugh.

The research study the article references states that while 50% of their survey sample uses social media only 12% consider it necessary. The bizarre thing was that half of the SMBs surveyed said that word-of-mouth marketing was a key ingredient to their success. What?

Don’t these guys get the fact and make the connection that social media marketing is WOM on digital steroids!

Lots of SMBs miss out on exploiting all of the advantages (low cost communication channel etc.,) that Social Media Marketing can provide them. They’re too quick to jump into the next new shiny marketing thing and never take the time to improve their mastery of a particular communications asset such  social media.

If SMBs took the time to learn social media, put in place content marketing strategies, systems and processes, they’d reap an amazing amount of success.

Social Media isn’t a silver bullet, but it is a big bullet that more SMBs need to load more frequently into their marketing guns.