The juvenile political goings on in Washington D.C. these days is an embarrassment to Brand America and all Americans.

If you’re an American – as I am – regardless of the political party you belong to, you can’t tell me that you’re not sick of the lack of leadership by President Obama, the hatred that pours out of the Republican party (amazingly the entire party is divided between Boehner, McConnell, McCain and the Tea Party) and the sense that the Democratic party doesn’t get the fact we have a ton of debt!

The Republican Party appears to be so divided, hateful, juvenile and crazy that their behavior might be the catalyst to get Obama re-elected!

Remember the old saying, “The devil you know could be a lot better than the devil you don’t know.”

Uneasiness, uncertainty makes everyone upset – and no one wins.

The bottom-line is that the American people have little to no confidence in our top political leadership because there is none.

No one is leading and respect for elected officials – starting with the president – is at all time lows.

And, respect for Brand America around the globe has been diminished and there is not a lot of confidence in our Brand Promise.

The American people (Brand America’s) customers aren’t buying and it’s being proven everyday in unemployment figures, the stock market (down nearly 500 points in the last 5 days).

When it comes to the Federal budget, the overwhelming majority of American people:

  1. Want the debt ceiling to rise (and it will – we all know that)
  2. Want America to pay its bills on time (like most of us do)
  3. Want America to spend within its means (like most of us do – especially in tough times – balanced budget)
  4. Want America to reduce its careless and frivolous spending (like most of us do – especially in tough times – e.g., pork)
  5. Want less (and a more effective) government (reduce spending, benefits etc., – need term limits)

Why isn’t anyone listening to their customers? Why isn’t anyone leading?  Why do we feel that we can’t believe anyone?

Now, here’s a true brand leader and a great example of how they should communicate – Norway’s Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg.

The following video is from his first address about the recent senseless bombing in his country – I love this guy.

And, here’s a link to a video and text of his memorial address (he rocks it out) for the Norwegian bombing victims on July 24th at Oslo Cathedral.

In both instances, Stoltenberg is sincere, authentic, real, comforting, believable and trustworthy. A credot to his country.

He knows the essence of Norway’s brand and I’m confident that he will lead his country to be an even better example of what it was before these tragic bombings.

He says that Norway will, “never give up on its values” and at the same time, I question whether America has.

Our politicians should be ashamed of themselves.

Question for you. Is your brand’s value system clearly understood and demonstrated frequently?

My thoughts and prayers go out to the good people of Norway and to those who passed away far too young. May God bless all.