Email Marketing to Double by 2014

/Email Marketing to Double by 2014

Email Marketing to Double by 2014

Forrester says that by 2014 (see Advertising Age article), you and most of your customers are going to get over 9,000 email marketing messages a year which is about 25 messages per person per day or two times what you both got last year!

And, email marketing spending will increase to $2 billion in 2004 – about 2X what was spent last year!

So, what’s all this mean for marketers like you and how can you overcome your customer’s email irritation and overload?

Here are three ways to immediately improve your email marketing:

  1. Integrate email marketing with social media communications since most young adults (18-24 year-olds) prefer it over email; over 20% of adults prefer it too
  2. Segment email databases into smaller/tighter unique groups and send relevant, timely messages
  3. Be religious about testing your email campaigns and work to improve your creative executions and copy writing

Good luck!

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