Greenpeace Sign for G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh

Greenpeace Sign for G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh.

I was proud that Pittsburgh my hometown agreed host the recent G-20 Summit. I dig the fact that we were courageous to take a shot to do something remarkable.

Time will tell if the city’s investment was worth it – my gut says it was a good one.  Sure, mistakes were made, but as a wise man (probably wise woman) once said, “You have to crack a few eggs to make an omelete!”

I was vacationing in Orange Beach, AL when the Summit was held (What Marketing Lessons I Learned from My Summer Vacation Blog posts coming soon – take  this signage tip as Lesson #1) and I couldn’t help but recognize the great work of sign art that Greenpeace created. Their sign hung from Pittsburgh’s West End Bridge. Check it out – and check out the cool Greenpeace Ninjas that are rappelling from the bridge to unfurl the sign – BRILLIANT!

The road sign color composition is an idea to consider when you’re crafting your own signage to stop traffic. eMarketer’s excellent charts do a similar great job.

Pittsburgh's G-20 Summit Logo

Pittsburgh's G-20 Summit Logo

P.S.: I thought the G-20 Logo was pretty cool too – which highlights Pittsburgh’s Bridge history as well as the Summit’s goal of bridging nations together.