Dallas Cowboys Americas TeamI’ve been watching a ton of football games lately – love it! So glad the Pirates season is over!

After watching my man Brett Favre rock the Packers defense all night long last night. I was thinking today about the brand positioning of NFL teams and I have to tell you one of the top brands I recalled immediately is The Dallas Cowboys as America’s team?

Are the Dallas Cowboys America’s Team?

Well, not in my Black and Gold Steelers Nation, but they sure are to many Americans and for NFL fans outside of America too. And why is that?

It’s simple…the Cowboys long ago assumed the position of America’s Team with a clearly defined message and consistently reinforce it. Here’s the crazy story how their nickname developed.

It’s also a great strategy because not every city has an NFL team and it offers those folks an NFL team brand to rally behind – it can even call into question your patriotism is you do not support them.

But, don’t you think that if it truly were America’s Team, the Cowboys would be the top seller of NFL merchandise? Well, they are not. Guess who is number one right now?  You guessed it my Steelers! See recent NFL merchandise rankings here.

In this Internet Age we live in, it’s increasingly reported that what people say you are is your brand. However, never dismiss the fact that even though in this consumer controlled media environment we live in today, you can still greatly influence the way you want customers to perceive, think, and feel about your brand versus your competitors by “assuming the position!” Positioning is not necessarily what you do to your product or service, but rather what you do to your customer’s minds through clear, consistent repetitive messaging and keeping your brand promise.

Pittsburgh Steelers owner Art Rooney dismissed the comment that the Steelers were “America’s Team.” “We didn’t want that,’ Rooney said. ‘We’re Pittsburgh’s team. We feel strongly about that.”

I agree with the late, great Chief Art Rooney, Sr. and remain satisfied that my Steelers have one more Super Bowl than America’s Team. Because after all the bottom line truly is the bottom line.  However,  “assuming the position” can help you succeed too – Dallas’ 5 Super Bowls ain’t exactly chopped liver and Jerry Jones is riding America’s Team in all its glory to the bank – American and even Mexican Banks too!

P.S.: LOVE this Robert Wuhl video about, “Assume the Position.” Take some time to enjoy it and learn from it. A hilarious, but great presentation with lots of brand leadership marketing lessons based on historical events.

Remember..When the legend becomes fact…print the legend.