Blog Economy TrendHow do your customers feel about the economy?

A lot of what your customers are thinking can be influenced (up/down) by how you feel about the economy and what you plan to do about competing in it?

Certainly these times are different and challenging, but if you’re more than a “half glass full guy” like me, you’ll be aware of what’s going on, but take the Advisory approach (not a vendor of services) that I take with my clients.  I work to make certain they know I got their back and am working hard to work smarter with less inefficiencies, less waste etc.,

And, with more actionable, ROI-driven, forward thinking, innovative initiatives to help all of us to not only survive, but to gain ground and thrive.  So, when things do turn around, we’ll be in the driver’s seat.

But, then again, aren’t  you always pretty much the driver in your own driver’s seat?

Check out this chart about the Economic Outlook by American Consumers from Experian Simmons DataStream (good firm).

Since January 2009 there is a slight trend upward, but it’s still a bit early to see if the trend will continue be positive or level off.

After the “Obama Bump,” we’re still pretty much in the same space. So, whether you’re Republican, Democrat, pro Obama or not, it all doesn’t matter. What matters is the Agenda you set…the plan you make…how hard you choose to work…NOW.

Always has…always will.

The question for concern remains not far can you fall, but how far can you bounce and what you’re willing to do to make the jump.

My advice:

  1. Watch cash flow
  2. Be observant and respectful of the economy, but follow your own plan
  3. Work on more efficient procedures and systems
  4. Build a process for innovation
  5. Keep moving, stay motivated and stay visible

More to come!