We’ve been actively engaged in the Blogging scene since late 2004/early 2005 so it’s no surprise that we jumped in early with two feet into the Web 2.0 scene.  However, when you and everyone around you is jumping into the latest and greatest, a good strategy is to pause and reflect on how well you perform on the basics.

Emarketer Email open rates June 2009

These email open and click through rate charts from eMarketer – overall and by industry – should help you benchmark your basic email marketing success.

Emarketer email open rates by industry and list size june 2009

With the Direct Marketing Association stating that email marketing drives an ROI of $45.06 for each $1.00 spent, this killer app needs more care and feeding.

Emarketer email click through rates by industry and list size June 2009

I consider email marketing part of the “basics” most SME brands fail to bulletproof.  And, because the technology is so inexpensive these days many brands defer email execution to inexperienced juniors with some of the creative output looking like ransom notes!

Marketers need to pay much closer attention to email marketing – they’re leaving money on the table.