For years, I’ve done my share of restaurant and hospitality marketing. Time and again where I always start with my consulting approach is to conduct and marketing audit questioning the core brand message and sales and service issues within the restaurant’s four walls.

I’ve been in many restaurants – as I’m sure you have as well – that do virtually no paid advertising, the food and service is spectacular, it’s always packed, they’re happy to see you, remember your name (or that you’re a regular) the place will never grace the pages of Better Homes & Gardens, but the rest rooms are clean!

While light and bright treatments do help a restaurant’s sales – all other things being equal – you don’t have to be the place with the prettiest and latest creature comforts, but service is KEY – and you need to “control your controllable!”

I have no personal vendetta against Vegans, animal rights activists, PETA or any other similar organization.  However, they should not be servers in restaurants that serve meat!

A few days ago, I asked my server who was about to take my order, “How is your prime rib?” She smiled and said, “Sorry, I don’t eat meat, but I hear it’s good!”


Not only should ALL servers eat meat, but they should have tasted everything on the restaurant’s menu so they can help its guests make good decisions and help build the restaurant build sales.

Do you have a training system in place for new and veteran staff to experience your products and services?
Do the people selling your stuff own or use your stuff?
Have your people tried your products or services?
Do they know what you do?
Do they know how you do it?
Do they know, “Why you?”