My jury is still out on Twitter (even though I tweet – follow me in twitterland here – because of the immense “time suck” so many social media platforms take and it seems as though we Brands go from the newest latest and greatest without mastering or at least delivering an 7 out of 10 on prior efforts. For example, how many of you have fully blown out your LinkedIn profile 100%? or, truly knock email marketing out of the park! Or, deliver frequent, consistent, rhythmic, meaningful added-value, non echo chamber Blog posts – I know I struggle at times.

In fact, I just finished about a 2-3 week self imposed break from this Blog and some other Social Media efforts to simply just THINK about this stuff and a whole bunch of other things!

And now, to quote that famous Manhattan Marketer George Costanza from Seinfeld, “I’m back baby!”

Anyway, on this cold, dreary rainy Spring day, see Jon Stewart’s rail on Twitter below. Very funny and very accurate for now? Like all new marketing tools, I’ll continue to participate and monitor.  I still encourage you to jump in…the water’s fine, have fun and don’t sweat it. FYI the churn rate on Twitter is crazy.


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