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What's Your Story

It's true that many of the best things in life are free.

It's also true in marketing.

Your brand story is free, but is it any good?

If my dry cleaner knows my name, genuinely smiles when he sees me, has my clothes ready when they promise and fixes any missing buttons without any direction from me or takes my clothes back and cleans them for free if they happen to make a mistake is that a great story?

Uh,…maybe, but it's quite remarkable enough to me to create a story about it – it's the basic greens fee of doing business with me.

If however, they surprise and delight me…well then, that's another story and one that bears repeating over and over.

Work on your story.  Make it a great one.

Don't simply tell a story chronologically, but work on a story of your success due to how well you look for ways to surprise and delight people and how you've done it for many years!

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