I never served in the military as my father and countless relatives have, but I am no less patriotic.

I truly admire, respect and owe debts of gratitude to those who served our great nation and provide us the freedoms we enjoy. 

Ceremoniously, I'm posting this tribute on the 11th hour of the 11th
day of the 11th month, when the Armistice Treaty was signed and say, "thank you" to those of you who served.

In this crazy marketing world which seems to take advantage of holidays and over-commericalizes them, I'm happy to say that Veterans Day seems to get a bit of a break. Today should be a day of reflection and remembrance.

Today, most all Americans say they support our troops as I do, but this year has been different for me in that, instead of just talking about it, I've been taking action in a number of ways through pro bono work, donations and more. I'm not looking for any pats on the back, but suggesting we all stop talking about things, take a little action and get involved.

I'm happy to say – and honored that – I have client, The Priory Hospitality Group in Pittsburgh who walks their talk.  They're offering a free Winter White Wedding to a western Pennsylvanian veteran of the Iraqi, Afghanistan Wars.  Here are the details. If you know of someone, please pass along the good word.  Deadlineto enter is December 15.