Caught this WSJ article about Nestlé Aims to Raise Its Share of Sales Of Premium Sweets and thought how many of you do not aim high for the affluent or top brands.  Or, if you don;t pay enough attention to thos writing you the BIG CHECKS!

Create a premium package for your goods and services and try it out.  People aren;t always looking for the lowest price, however they will if you package yourself as a commodity.

Is chocolate, coffee, tea a commodity? No. It’s what YOU make of it!

Nestlé SA is entering the premium-chocolate market to
increase sales.  Analysts say it will take time and money, but who cares. With annual growth rates of as much as
8% for high-end chocolate products — 2X the rate of the general
chocolate market.

This year, Nestlé is so jacked about it that they opened a luxury-chocolate research center in western Switzerland.

In fact, Marketing Daily
reported that Nestle, the world’s
largest food company, even increased prices by the most in a decade and demand did not decline! Nestle revenue jumped to $25 billion in the three months ended March 31, up from $23.8
billion in the year-ago period.

Here’s a twist. Nestle sells Jenny Craig diet meals too!