In marketing circles today, all the rage is about being ‘authentic’ and ‘transparent.’

It’s sad that we even have to discuss the topics such as ‘being real’  because we should all be operating from our core.

A big reason why open and honest relationships for people and brands are tough to engage in, is because so many of us – people and brands – are dishonestly living a fake image of ourselves. Living the ‘ideal’ of other people’s images of you is tough to do – you can never relax. Living anyone else’s ‘ideal’ image of yourself never works – it’s impossible.

However, what is possible, doable, enjoyable and profitable is living your life from your core being – your true north – because when you do,  most everyone else around will strive to do the same.

When Michelangelo was asked how he created David, he supposedly said, “The angel was already in the marble, I simply chipped away the excess.”

Begin today to chip away your excess of what’s covering up your angelic being and slay giants!