On this special day, make a commitment to not leave your “Thanks & Giving” at the table – take it with you and spread its core message of “thanking and giving” throughout all you do in your business and personal life.

Thank and give…give and thank. Plan for it, create unique and fun ways to do it. Then, just do it and rinse and repeat along the way.

If you repeatedly give and thank, your brand will grow, your relationships will grow and your happiness will grow. I guarantee it.

Take some personal time today and throughout this weekend to kickstart your holiday marketing plans, with more than just a “Black Friday” short term sale and thinking. Move toward a more long term strategic way of thinking about putting into practice a “White Sale” of giving more added value to your employees, customers, family, friends and the less fortunate in the communities in which you do business.

If you do, I assure you that people will return your favors by working harder for you, buying more from you and enthusiastically spread your good word.

And, don’t think for a moment that these disturbing facts don’t negatively impact your business and life – so, look for ways to do your part to help eliminate these ridiculous statistics:

  1. One out of seven Americans lives in poverty
  2. The percentage of Americans in poverty is the highest in half a century
  3. Over 59 million Americans have no health insurance
  4. More than 1 million children went hungry last year
  5. Children under 18 make up 27% of the homeless population
  6. Families with children are the fastest growing group of the homeless population, accounting for about 40% of the people who become homeless each year
  7. 38% of the people already homeless are families with children
  8. 50% of homeless women and children are running from domestic abuse
  9. Of all homeless men 40% of them have served in the armed forces
  10. Children under the age of eighteen are 27% of the urban homeless population
  11. Companies that make things no one really needs are doing well in this recession which means the poor are growing in numbers and getting poorer while the rich are getting richer
  12. The total cost of hunger to American society is about $90 billion a year. In contrast, it would only cost about $10 billion to $12 billion a year to virtually end hunger in our nation. And, how much do politicians waste in taxpayer dollars? In defense spending?

Keep in mind, these statistics are for the U.S. a “developed” country, but we all know it’s far worse in other countries and we’re all related and impacted by what’s happening in the smallest corners of the world.

So today, when you’re adding a second helping of stuffing to your turkey plate, remember today’s message and this commercial and commit to thanking and giving.

Have a blessed day and holiday season.

P.S.: Enjoy this Wall Street Journal article, Thank You. No, Thank You – Grateful People Are Happier, Healthier Long After the Leftovers Are Gobbled Up.