Did you catch this article, Grim Voter Mood Turns Grimmer – Pessimism Rises on Economy and War; Bad Reviews for Both Democrats and GOP in last week’s Wall Street Journal?

No one likes either party and is sick of all politicians. Nothing new here. However, if I were running for office today, my vision and mission would be based on communicating a simple three point message platform:

“No Tax Increases, Smaller Government and Cut Government Waste.”

Three simple points that would resonate with people.

Three simple points that are meaningful, measurable and doable.

One thing we can all agree on is that we’re overtaxed and government is not a good steward of our hard earned money. Lots of pain here.

I’d promise to reallocate all savings in government waste to fill any service holes in the system and/or use to improve infrastructure (drive job growth), safety, etc.

And, I’d bet I’d make some noise and possibly win.

Sure there’s a bunch of other tactical things I’d need to do to win such as raising money, recruiting staff and volunteers, creating communications literature, building mailing lists, media ads and interviews, creating and posting yard signs and billboards, and doorbell ringing, however it all starts with your strategy, your story, your message, your brand promise.

Remember, people don’t join causes, people join people with causes.

What hope and ideals and lofty goals are you promising to deliver?

It’s all about customer service and delivering on your promise.

So, I ask you, “What are the key pain points of your customers and prospects?”

Do you have a clear brand messaging platform to address their pain?

Can you list three key meaningful and measurable communication points to craft a rock solid messaging platform?

Politicians like any brand need a clear, unique, appealing message, delivered consistently over time to win. And, to get re-elected, politicians and brands need to deliver on the promises they made to their customers.

What’s your message? Are you delivering on it?

The 24/7 microwaved news and social media world has changed our times forever.

There are no guarantees that incumbent politicians and brands will win as easily as the did in the past, which is good news for all of us.