In the past 20 years, business process outsourcing such as accounting, distribution and more became (still is) increasingly popular.  Advertising has been a widely accepted outsourced service, but what about outsourcing marketing?

In my experience, most brands have super marketing teams that excel in execution and creativity.  However, these crack teams are pulled in so many directions that they lack the time and skill or expertise  to think more strategically or analytically.

Over the last few months, our firm has participated in a lot of new business meetings and one of the key questions that eventually bubbles up is, “Why should I outsource my marketing?”

With the speed and sheer amount of radical changes in marketing (social media, mobile etc.), media fragmentation, economic challenges and more, marketing outsourcing is an attractive strategy to employ to cost effectively stay ahead of the marketing curve and your competition.

Here are 10 reasons why you should outsource your marketing.

  1. You’ll increase a laser like focus on your brand’s core competencies
  2. Corporate personnel can redirect their efforts in other business building areas
  3. You can immediately take advantage of world-class talent and specialized services
  4. You will gain an objective point of view and reduce bias
  5. Your overhead and payroll will decrease which will free up capital
  6. The amount of political corporate control will be reduced
  7. Your pace of positive change will accelerate and you’ll be more flexible to meet market changes
  8. Profits and overall business unit value and performance will increase
  9. You will improve productivity, product quality and service levels
  10. And, you’ll gain an immediate significant competitive edge

Certainly, your success is dependent upon choosing the right marketing partner and welcoming them as a true integrated partner. Start small with easy to manage projects and watch your business profitably grow.  Selecting a capable, trustworthy, enthusiastic outsourced marketing partner could be the final piece of your sales building puzzle.