You Can't Win By Benchmarking

/You Can't Win By Benchmarking

You Can't Win By Benchmarking

rolling_benchOr, you’ll always be sitting on the bench and never be able to play to win.

You need to be your own brand.

There are all types of benchmarking such as: best-in-class, financial, function, operations, performance, pricing, process, product, strategy and more. However, if you only work on ways to catch up to market leaders, you’ll struggle to compete and never lead. By the time, you think you’re catching up, leaders who are more concerned with their own strategies will always leave you in the dust.

Certainly some benchmarking is needed to determine where you’re strong, weak, underserved and where niches worth exploiting exist.

Today, you need to think more originally tha ever to succeed.  You need to be real, authentic and emotional appeals work wonders. Create “what if” scenarios for yourself and see what amazing ideas you come up with.

Do you really think that the iPod, Red Bull, Zappos and others came up with their idea and business model by just benchmarking?

rolling bench top viewLove this creative idea about a rolling bench that you can crank on the side to always have a clean, dry space to sit!

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