I stumbled upon this late 2007 release,  IBM Predicts the End of Advertising as We Know It.

Great insight into the future where they forecast, "greater disruption for the advertising industry in the next five years than occurred in the previous 50." Hold on to your binky!

It’s all about targeted segmentation, results, impact based marketing and major shifts away from traditional advertising.

By 2012, the report says that to survive, advertisers need to innovate in three key areas:

  1. Consumer micro-segmentation and personalization
  2. How and where ad inventory is sold, the structure of partnerships, revenue models and ad formats;
  3. Redesign organizational/operating capabilities across the ad lifecycles to support consumer and business model innovation: consumer analytics, channel planning, buying/selling, creation, delivery and impact reporting.

Consumer analytics and marketing automation to gain more insights about the consumer and how to reach them will be keys to future brands success. It may appear troubling times for some, but I prefer to view the new age of marketing exciting times and a great time to make a small fortune.

Yes, new fortunes will be made. Count me in!