I’m a big Amazon fan and customer.

And, I just read a NY Times article about Amazon’s amazing growth (stock, sales, customer counts,  repeat purchases etc.,) which is in part due to Jeff Bezos’ commitment to taking care of his customers and is desire to build a lasting company vs. building  for short-term gains to appease Wall Street.

Here’s the article – use it next time you’re discussing short-term vs. long term profitable gains.

By JOE NOCERA, Published: January 5, 2008

Excerpt from the article…
"So when I looked up Amazon’s stock price after my little Christmas
miracle, I was amazed to see that it had risen around 140 percent last
year. (It closed yesterday at $88.79.) The company grew somewhere
around 35 percent in 2007 (the final numbers aren’t in yet), with
revenue likely to come in around $15 billion, and well over $1 billion
in free cash flow. Its margins had risen to around 6 percent, and it
consistently made money."

Mama mia! Is improving customer service part of your marketing plan budget?