Project Description

We pride ourselves on leading our clients through innovative ideas and our most recent one was launched in Q4, 2017 after about two years in development!

The Priory’s NEW ‘Cultural Celebrations” Menu Packages feature Eastern European, German, Latin American and Mediterranean cuisine with something uniquely special for Pittsburghers!

From day one of our marketing partnership with the Priory Hospitality Group nearly 15 years ago, we said that they should look at their property as a “beautiful blank canvas” for entertainment and making memories.


For example our first creative concept was a Winter White Wedding package to help the brand increase First Quarter sales by 400% and they achieved record results!

kdka-priory-graf-wayhart-cultural-celbrations-brandmill.pngIntroducing Our New Cultural Celebrations Menus

You can view this video from our recent appearance on KDKA’s Pittsburgh Today Live TV Show where we introduced our new menus! For more information visit the Priory’s Grand Hall Website here!
Seeing the success of brands such as Ancestry.Com and appreciating Pittsburgh’s rich “melting pot” cultural history, we thought unique cultural cuisine packages would lift the brand to greater heights! And, knowing that the Priory’s roots in Deutschtown in Pittsburgh’s North Side, a neighborhood settled by German, Swiss and Austrian immigrants, and their pride (Pittsburghers pride too) of Western Pennsylvania’s rich cultural tapestry we knew we were on to something.  

In that spirit of partnership, we helped them create four (five if you count Pittsburgh as a separate cuisine!) unique packages which celebrate Pittsburgh’s diversity and acknowledge that learning about and experiencing our various heritages not only adds to the strength of a region, but it makes life a lot more fun!  
We started with menus honoring Eastern European (Old Europe), German (Deutschtown), Latin American and Mediterranean heritages, and look forward to expanding our portfolio in the future. These Cultural Celebration Packages are available now at their Priory Hotel,