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Our IdeaBrandMill is a marketing network that offers clients expert assistance in satisfying its key branding needs through four systematic services:
1. Strategic marketing planning and ongoing consulting and coaching (retainer, fee-based)
2. Act as an in-house MarCom or Ad Agency firm responsible for the overall MarCom plan development (Advertising, Marketing Public Relations, Social Media), production and media  planning and placement production (retainer, fee, project based)
3. Act as an outside marketing or Ad Agency (see tasks in #2 – retainer, fee, project based)
4. Marketing Seminars and training workshops (fee based)

We combine traditional advertising formats with new media technology to deliver innovative and high impact brand and sales building ideas for our clients. Your team will be staffed with an experienced group of “Brandtailers” – marketing communications pros that think like brands, but act like retailers. Everything we create for you is done so with one goal in mind: to profitably build long-term brand equity and increase sales.

To accomplish this task, we have assembled a virtual team of uniquely talented individuals and agencies. Our unique, flat organizational structure eliminates the slow, political bureaucracy and high non-revenue producing overhead found in typical agencies and ensures that the right team of talent is working on your business.