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The average American is subjected to over 3,000 advertising messages each day.  Media has been fragmented for many years. And, the amount of choice someone has per product and service category has exploded. For example, the average number of products carried by a typical supermarket has more than tripled since 1980, from 15,000 to over 50,000!

So, in this crazy over branded environment, why should someone pay particular attention to your brand?

Well, they won’t unless you impress several of their senses such as sight, sound and taste as well as heart, head, wallet and more. You need to show and tell them something special they didn’t know about your product or service, and be clear about what action it is you want them to take.

BrandMill will help you get your brand to stand out and be counted with a unique hook, positioning and differentiation strategy. We’ll create a unique selling proposition for your brand which is more important today than ever before.


  • Creative design and commercial production of the following Advertising, Brand Identity, Environmental Design, In-Store, Outdoor, Media, Packaging, Promotional Marketing, Publications, Specialty Items and Target Marketing
  • Brand management including positioning, product, pricing, promotion, sales channels and customer service
  • Marketing investment portfolio optimization; Marketing campaign optimization; Marketing mix optimization
  • Market research and segmentation; Marketing effectiveness, strategy and management